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Fat City

Sep 30(Sun)Buster Tubbs Tavern(Tavares)2:00 PM 
Oct 6(Sat)Half Wall Brewery(New Smyrna Beach)6:00 PM 
Oct 12(Fri)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Oct 13(Sat)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Oct 14(Sun)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)2:30 PM 
Oct 18(Thu)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Oct 19(Fri)Rockin Ranch(Ormond Beach)9:30 PM 
Oct 20(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki Bar(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Oct 21(Sun)Buster Tubbs Tavern(Tavares)2:00 PM 
Oct 27(Sat)Private Event(Central Florida)2:00 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)Half Wall(DeLand)7:00 PM 
Nov 3(Sat)Renegades On The River(Crescent City)7:30 PM 
Nov 9(Fri)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Nov 10(Sat)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Nov 17(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki Bar(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Nov 18(Sun)Buster Tubbs Tavern(Tavares)2:00 PM 
Nov 24(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Nov 30(Fri)Rockin Ranch(Ormond Beach)9:30 PM 
Dec 7(Fri)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Dec 8(Sat)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Dec 14(Fri)Rockin Ranch(Ormond Beach)9:30 PM 
Dec 15(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki Bar(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Dec 22(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Dec 28(Fri)Rockin Ranch(Ormond Beach)9:30 PM 
Dec 29(Sat)Buster Tubbs Tavern(Tavares)7:00 PM 
Jan 11(Fri)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Jan 12(Sat)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Feb 2(Sat)Eustis Street Fest(Eustis)3:00 PM(Chili cook off)
Feb 8(Fri)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Feb 9(Sat)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Feb 22(Fri)Renegades On The River(Crescent City)7:30 PM 
Mar 8(Fri)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Mar 9(Sat)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Apr 12(Fri)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Apr 13(Sat)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
May 3(Fri)Renegades On The River(Crescent City)7:30 PM 
May 10(Fri)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
May 11(Sat)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Jul 5(Fri)Renegades On The River(Crescent City)7:30 PM 
Oct 5(Sat)Renegades On The River(Crescent City)7:30 PM 

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