May 24(Fri)Buster Tubbs Tavern(Tavares)8:00 PM 
May 25(Sat)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Jun 1(Sat)Half Wall Brewery(New Smyrna Beach)6:00 PM 
Jun 8(Sat)Buster Tubbs Tavern(Tavares)8:00 PM 
Jun 9(Sun)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)1:00 PM 
Jun 16(Sun)Buster Tubbs Tavern(Tavares)2:00 PM 
Jun 21(Fri)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)6:00 PM 
Jun 22(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki Bar(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Jun 28(Fri)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Jun 29(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Jul 5(Fri)Renegades On The River(Crescent City)7:00 PM 
Jul 6(Sat)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Jul 13(Sat)Buster Tubbs Tavern(Tavares)8:00 PM 
Jul 19(Fri)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)6:00 PM 
Jul 20(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki Bar(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Jul 21(Sun)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)1:00 PM 
Jul 28(Sun)Buster Tubbs Tavern(Tavares)2:00 PM 
Aug 2(Fri)Hard Racks(Christmas)9:00 PM 
Aug 3(Sat)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Aug 10(Sat)Half Wall Brewery(New Smyrna Beach)6:00 PM 
Aug 16(Fri)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)6:00 PM 
Aug 17(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki Bar(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Aug 24(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Aug 31(Sat)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)1:00 PM 
Sep 6(Fri)Eustis Street Fest(Eustis)6:00 PM 
Sep 7(Sat)Half Wall Brewery(New Smyrna Beach)6:00 PM 
Sep 20(Fri)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)6:00 PM 
Sep 21(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki Bar(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Sep 27(Fri)Renegades On The River(Crescent City)7:00 PM 
Sep 28(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Oct 5(Sat)Renegades On The River(Crescent City)7:00 PM 
Oct 11(Fri)Hard Racks(Christmas)9:00 PM 
Oct 18(Fri)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)6:00 PM 
Oct 19(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki Bar(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Oct 20(Sun)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)1:00 PM 
Oct 26(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Nov 15(Fri)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)6:00 PM 
Nov 16(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki Bar(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Nov 30(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Dec 20(Fri)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)6:00 PM 
Dec 21(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki Bar(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Jan 25(Sat)Private Event(Central Florida)4:00 PM(Groveland Retirement Party)

For Bookings:  (386) 690-1375



Brian Bartleson - Guitar, Vocals

Originally from Upstate NY, Brian relocated to Central FL in 1984.  Coming from a musical family, Brian began playing guitar and singing at a very young age.  Throughout his school years Brian participated in stage, marching, and jazz bands, vocal groups, stage productions, and variety shows, never passing up a chance to perform in front of a crowd.  Brian played his first gig on guitar at age 14 and graduated to playing nightclubs shortly after, requiring parental supervision in most venues.  Almost everything has changed since those early performances.  Two things that will never change are Brian's love of music and passion for performing in front of a crowd.


Bob Jones - Keyboards, Vocals

Bob Jones has been performing in Central Florida since the early eighties.  He has played with various rock, country and blues groups, performing in most of the major venues in the area.  Over the years, he has opened for several national rock and country acts including The Marshall Tucker Band, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Shooter Jennings, Toby Keith and several others.  His influences include Chuck Leavell, Chick Corea, Jon Lord, Gregg Allan, Steve Winwood, Billy Preston, Herbie Hancock and others.  The Fat City Band plays a variety of musical styles, giving Bob a chance to stretch his keyboard and vocal chops.  The band strives to add even more variety as time goes on.  Come out to see the Fat City Band.  You won't be disappointed.


Michael Stilwell a.k.a. Micalini - Bass Guitar / Vocals 

Michael was born of Ramapo, N.Y. in 1962. He started his music career playing electric guitar in 1985. He played his guitar professionally in various local bands until 1991. It was then, Michael received a call from a band playing at a local night club that their bass player was hospitalized. He told them that he never played bass guitar before. They told him that any guitar player can play bass (myth) and the equipment was already set-up on the gig. Michael accepted the gig and showed up that night and played bass guitar. All through the first set the band members kept turning around and looking at him, he thought he was messing up. At break time they said to him, "I thought you never played bass before!" He replied. "I really never did." "Well, You are the best bass player we ever had played with." Michael had realized he had a natural gift to play the bass guitar and has been playing one ever since.


Terry Portman - Drums

Terry has played drums in the central Florida area since the mid-eighties. His musical background is varied including stints as a snare drummer in a Pipe and Drum band and bass guitar with various bands. Terry recently retired from the daily 8 to 5 grind and joined The Fat City Band at the beginning of 2018.