Dec 1(Wed)Boot Hill(Daytona Beach)9:00 PM 
Dec 2(Thu)Hard Rock Hotel(Daytona Beach)7:00 PM(Duo)
Dec 3(Fri)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Dec 4(Sat)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Dec 10(Fri)Half Wall Brewery(New Smyrna Beach)7:00 PM(Duo)
Dec 11(Sat)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)5:00 PM 
Dec 16(Thu)Hard Rock Hotel(Daytona Beach)6:00 PM(Duo)
Dec 18(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki Bar(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Dec 19(Sun)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)12:00 PM(Duo)
Dec 23(Thu)Boot Hill(Daytona Beach)8:00 PM 
Jan 1(Sat)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Jan 8(Sat)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)5:00 PM 
Jan 14(Fri)Half Wall Brewery(New Smyrna Beach)7:00 PM(Duo)
Jan 21(Fri)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Jan 22(Sat)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Jan 23(Sun)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)12:00 PM(Duo)
Jan 28(Fri)Boot Hill(Daytona Beach)8:00 PM 
Jan 29(Sat)Kalua Beach Bar(Tavares)7:00 PM 
Feb 4(Fri)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Feb 5(Sat)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Feb 6(Sun)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)1:00 PM(Duo)
Feb 11(Fri)Half Wall Brewery(New Smyrna Beach)7:00 PM(Duo)
Feb 12(Sat)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)5:00 PM 
Feb 13(Sun)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Feb 17(Thu)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Feb 19(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki Bar(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Feb 23(Wed)Boot Hill(Daytona Beach)8:00 PM 
Feb 26(Sat)Kalua Beach Bar(Tavares)7:00 PM 
Feb 27(Sun)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)12:00 PM(Duo)
Mar 2(Wed)Boot Hill(Daytona Beach)8:00 PM 
Mar 4(Fri)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Mar 5(Sat)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)9:00 PM 
Mar 6(Sun)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Mar 9(Wed)Boot Hill(Daytona Beach)8:00 PM 
Mar 11(Fri)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)1:00 PM 
Mar 11(Fri)Half Wall Brewery(New Smyrna Beach)7:00 PM(Duo)
Mar 18(Fri)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)5:00 PM 
Mar 19(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki Bar(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Mar 25(Fri)Down The Hatch(Ponce Inlet)5:30 PM 
Mar 27(Sun)Caribbean Jacks(Daytona Beach)12:00 PM(Duo)

For Bookings:  (386) 690-1375

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Video Samples



Brian Bartleson - Guitar, Vocals

Originally from Upstate NY, Brian relocated to Central FL in 1984.  Coming from a musical family, Brian began playing guitar and singing at a very young age.  Throughout his school years Brian participated in stage, marching, and jazz bands, vocal groups, stage productions, and variety shows, never passing up a chance to perform in front of a crowd.  Brian played his first gig on guitar at age 14 and graduated to playing nightclubs shortly after, requiring parental supervision in most venues.  Almost everything has changed since those early performances.  Two things that will never change are Brian's love of music and passion for performing in front of a crowd.


Tony Mazz - Drums / Percussion

Originally from Springfield MA, Tony relocated to FL shortly after 2000 Since that time he’s been performing live and in the studio with many popular R&B, Funk, and Rock groups along the East Coast. Tony brings a tight groove and a slippery backbeat to the music which is sure to make you want to get on the dance floor and move. Tony is looking forward to having fun and working with the great musicians of The Fat City Band


Les Haley - Bass, Vocals

A native of New England, Les has been playing music professionally since 1995. Les is an award winning graduate of Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. A versatile musician and accomplished vocalist. Les has extensive experience in many styles of music from Rock to Country, Blues, Soul and Jazz. He has performed all over the USA , everywhere from L.A., Las Vegas, Atlantic City and New York He has been the support act for such notable artists as Cher, Alicia Keys, Los Lonely Boys, Blue Oyster Cult, Richard Betts, Georgia Satellites, Jimmie Vaughn, Molly Hatchet, John Cafferty, The Beaver Brown Band, and many others. Les relocated to Florida In 2017 and continues to tour and perform.