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Looking for the good ole country classics we know and love?
Well ... look no further! Southbound Express is the band for you!

Southbound Express prides itself with “true to the original” covers of favorite classic country songs.
They are the "go to" band to quench those country classic cravings.
Hop on the Southbound Express for a true country experience like no other!


Jan 22(Fri)Cabbage Patch(Samsula)9:00 PM 
Jan 30(Sat)Private Event(Central Florida)5:00 PM(Oak Hill Party)
Feb 6(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Feb 13(Sat)Racings North Turn(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Feb 26(Fri)Cabbage Patch(Samsula)9:00 PM 
Mar 5(Fri)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Mar 12(Fri)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Mar 13(Sat)Racings North Turn(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Mar 26(Fri)Cabbage Patch(Samsula)9:00 PM 
Apr 2(Fri)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Apr 10(Sat)Racings North Turn(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Apr 23(Fri)Cabbage Patch(Samsula)9:00 PM 
May 1(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
May 8(Sat)Racings North Turn(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
May 28(Fri)Cabbage Patch(Samsula)9:00 PM 
Jun 5(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Jun 12(Sat)Racings North Turn(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Jun 25(Fri)Cabbage Patch(Samsula)9:00 PM 
Jul 3(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Jul 10(Sat)Racings North Turn(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Jul 23(Fri)Cabbage Patch(Samsula)9:00 PM 
Aug 7(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Aug 14(Sat)Racings North Turn(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Aug 27(Fri)Cabbage Patch(Samsula)9:00 PM 
Sep 3(Fri)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Sep 11(Sat)Racings North Turn(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Sep 24(Fri)Cabbage Patch(Samsula)9:00 PM 
Oct 2(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Oct 9(Sat)Racings North Turn(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Oct 22(Fri)Cabbage Patch(Samsula)9:00 PM 
Nov 5(Fri)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Nov 13(Sat)Racings North Turn(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Nov 26(Fri)Cabbage Patch(Samsula)9:00 PM 
Dec 3(Fri)First Turn Steakhouse(Port Orange)6:00 PM 
Dec 11(Sat)Racings North Turn(Ponce Inlet)6:00 PM 
Dec 24(Fri)Cabbage Patch(Samsula)9:00 PM 

~Info Is As Accurate As Possible~But~Can Be Subject To Change~





Kurt is originally from Stewartsville Ohio. He moved to Florida approximately five years ago. He has been singing since he was a young child. While singing at local bars and clubs with several different bands, he was fortunate enough to land a few gigs in Nashville. He sang on stage at the Grand Ole Opry in 1997 and also at the world-famous Tootsies in downtown Nashville. Kurt has also sang on Carnival Cruise line ships and performed with several big acts throughout his singing career.




Larry has been part of the Central Florida music scene for years playing honky-tonks, clubs, and festivals. Playing guitar since the late sixties, his musical interest turned to the "west coast" country styles of artists like Merle Haggard and Buck Owens and bands such as the Flying Burrito Brothers, Poco, The New Riders of the Purple Sage and The Eagles. Larry began playing Pedal Steel guitar in 1975. Moving to Florida in 1978 he has played in numerous local bands playing Nashville and Texas "outlaw" country singing, playing guitar, banjo, and Pedal Steel. His primary instrument has become the Pedal Steel. Larry's playing reflects the styles of such players as Buddy Cage, Loyd Green and Tom Brumley of the Buckaroos. His bright, bouncy playing breathes new life into country classics. Larry is one of the premier Pedal Steel players in the southeast. His extensive musical influences are evident in each of the instruments that he plays.



Michael was born in Ramapo, N.Y. in 1962. In 1985, he started his music career playing guitar in both cover and original music bands. Switching to bass, he played with various local bands as well as touring and playing abroad on cruise ships. One of his recent musical projects is a Johnny Cash tribute band called "Johnny and the Cashettes." He is also very excited to have the opportunity to do some country pickin' with "Southbound Express."


Bass player Frank Herman hails from Montague NJ and his first playing experience came in his parents tavern that featured country music and square dancing every Friday and Saturday night. A member of one of the regular bands there showed Frank how to play a few songs on the bass and let him up to play one Saturday night. That was in 1974, when Frank was 15 years old. More than 45 years later, Frank is still at it. Bouncing back and forth between Country and Rock has been the story of Frank's life. His first band of any note was Deadline, a classic rock band that was voted one of the top 5 rock bands in the Mid-Hudson region by Music Machine Magazine. Then came the country band Deuces Wild. Back to rock for On The Rocks & Vagabond Circus. Back to country for The Rock Ridge Band and The Carl Richards Band. The Carl Richards Band was one of the Mid-Hudson regions most popular country bands, opening for such notables as Willie Nelson, Johnny Paycheck, Lone Star, and Sawyer Brown. After relocating to Florida in 2013, Frank became 1/3 of the very popular rock trio The Mercury 49's. When that band had run it's course Frank took about a year off before being asked to join the incredibly talented classic country band Southbound Express, which he hopes will continue to play for many years to come....




James Krembs hails from Southside Chicago originally as a kid growing up. His last port of call for many years has been Los Angeles. Now he has found his way to Flagler County and has been living the dream. James started drumming at a very young age. He was playing in bars and venues while still in high school. He went on to touring full time for many years playing in both cover bands and original bands. James has continued performing and recording with numerous bands of all genres large and small. His consistency and technique in drumming makes him a very large asset to any band. His current project is the classic country band, "Southbound Express." The energy that James produces while on stage coupled with the musical talents of the band members rounds out the South Bound Express circle.



BAND EMAIL ... SouthBoundExp@gmail.com

KURT ... (386)585-2056