Feb-Brew-Ary Music Calendar
The Fifth To The Eleventh

Feb 5(Mon)Mai TaiJon Cabrera9:30 PM 
Feb 6(Tue)First Turn SteakhouseBluesJam w/ StoneFree6:00 PM 
Feb 6(Tue)Mai TaiBobby France9:30 PM 
Feb 7(Wed)Ocean DeckRobert Keele5:00 PM 
Feb 7(Wed)First Turn SteakhouseDavey Leatherwood6:00 PM 
Feb 7(Wed)Stonewood Grill - DaytonaMark Venneri6:00 PM 
Feb 7(Wed)Hi-TopsChris Hiatt Experience8:00 PM 
Feb 7(Wed)Mai TaiChuck Morel9:30 PM 
Feb 8(Thu)Daytona SeabreezeRobert Keele6:00 PM 
Feb 8(Thu)First Turn SteakhouseBrad Sayre6:00 PM 
Feb 8(Thu)Mai TaiFrontman Live10:00 PM(Karaoke With Live Band)
Feb 9(Fri)Golden LionCaroline Road Duo5:30 PM 
Feb 9(Fri)Grille At RiverviewMark Venneri6:00 PM 
Feb 9(Fri)H2O Daytona Bar & GrillRobert Keele6:00 PM 
Feb 9(Fri)First Turn SteakhouseHayfire7:00 PM 
Feb 9(Fri)St. Johns River GrilleEasy Street7:00 PM 
Feb 9(Fri)Dug OutHiatt - McMahon - Crash8:00 PM 
Feb 9(Fri)Mai TaiGreye10:00 PM 
Feb 10(Sat)FinnsChris Hiatt Experience1:00 PM 
Feb 10(Sat)Full Moon SaloonMain Street Live Original Music Fest2:00 PM(Block Party)
Feb 10(Sat)Lagerheads Bar & GrillRobert Keele5:00 PM 
Feb 10(Sat)Golden LionClayton Park Duo5:30 PM 
Feb 10(Sat)Caribbean JacksEasy Street6:00 PM 
Feb 10(Sat)First Turn Steakhouse4Play6:00 PM 
Feb 10(Sat)Tiano`s ItalianMark Venneri6:00 PM 
Feb 10(Sat)Athens TheatreMcCartney Project7:30 PM 
Feb 10(Sat)Beaver BarChris Hiatt Experience7:30 PM 
Feb 10(Sat)Mai TaiTape Deck10:00 PM 
Feb 11(Sun)Shores Resort & SpaRobert Keele11:00 AM 
Feb 11(Sun)Golden LionKen McAnulus1:00 PM 
Feb 11(Sun)Colonial Oaks Music ParkEasy Street2:00 PM 
Feb 11(Sun)Frank`s PlaceChris Hiatt Experience3:00 PM 
Feb 11(Sun)DJ`s DeckRobert Keele4:00 PM 
Feb 11(Sun)First Turn SteakhouseThe Jam4:00 PM 
Feb 11(Sun)Athens TheatreMcCartney Project7:30 PM 
Feb 11(Sun)Mai TaiClayton Sturgeon9:30 PM 

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