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October 8th - 14th

Oct 8(Mon)Golden LionBarry O5:00 PM 
Oct 8(Mon)Rock N JavaBulletBoys6:30 PM 
Oct 9(Tue)Golden LionPaul Scott 5:00 PM 
Oct 9(Tue)Caribbean JacksJC & Rob5:30 PM 
Oct 9(Tue)Caribbean JacksRobert Keele6:00 PM 
Oct 9(Tue)First Turn SteakhouseBluesJam w/ Joe Motte6:00 PM 
Oct 10(Wed)Golden LionRob Peck5:00 PM 
Oct 10(Wed)Ocean DeckRobert Keele5:00 PM 
Oct 11(Thu)Golden LionHenry Joe5:00 PM 
Oct 11(Thu)Daytona SeabreezeRobert Keele6:00 PM 
Oct 11(Thu)First Turn SteakhouseJonny Magill6:00 PM 
Oct 11(Thu)HiddenTreasure RoseBayMicalini6:00 PM(Open mic)
Oct 11(Thu)Athens TheatreJekyll and Hyde7:30 PM(Musical Production)
Oct 12(Fri)Golden LionBurgh Bros6:00 PM 
Oct 12(Fri)First Turn SteakhouseHayfire7:00 PM 
Oct 12(Fri)Athens TheatreJekyll and Hyde7:30 PM(Musical Production)
Oct 12(Fri)Splitsville Robert Keele7:30 PM 
Oct 12(Fri)Splitsville JC & Rob7:30 PM 
Oct 12(Fri)Hi-TopsFat City9:00 PM 
Oct 12(Fri)Hi-TopsMicalini9:00 PM(Fat City)
Oct 13(Sat)Golden LionPatrick Crawford1:00 PM 
Oct 13(Sat)Lagerheads Bar & GrillRobert Keele5:00 PM 
Oct 13(Sat)Crumps LandingJakson County6:00 PM 
Oct 13(Sat)First Turn SteakhouseWildcard6:00 PM 
Oct 13(Sat)Golden LionIntegral Latin Band6:00 PM(Latin Night)
Oct 13(Sat)Athens TheatreJekyll and Hyde7:30 PM(Musical Production)
Oct 13(Sat)Bank & BluesNighthawks9:00 PM(Ticketed Event)
Oct 13(Sat)Hi-TopsMicalini9:00 PM(Fat City)
Oct 13(Sat)Hi-TopsFat City9:00 PM 
Oct 14(Sun)Green Lion CafePatrick Crawford11:00 AM 
Oct 14(Sun)Shores Resort & SpaRobert Keele11:00 AM 
Oct 14(Sun)Golden LionZebbhi Niyah Band1:00 PM(Reggae Sunday)
Oct 14(Sun)Athens TheatreJekyll and Hyde2:30 PM(Musical Production)
Oct 14(Sun)Down The HatchFat City2:30 PM 
Oct 14(Sun)Down The HatchMicalini2:30 PM(Fat City)
Oct 14(Sun)DJ`s DeckRobert Keele4:00 PM 
Oct 14(Sun)First Turn SteakhouseReuben The Lounge Lizard4:00 PM 

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