MAY 14th TO 20th

May 14(Mon)Golden LionBrent Byrd5:00 PM 
May 14(Mon)Mai TaiJessie Abbey9:30 PM 
May 15(Tue)Golden LionBig Livers5:00 PM 
May 15(Tue)First Turn SteakhouseBluesJam w/ StoneFree6:00 PM 
May 15(Tue)Mai TaiJoe Van9:30 PM 
May 16(Wed)Golden LionRob Peck5:00 PM 
May 16(Wed)Ocean DeckRobert Keele5:00 PM 
May 16(Wed)First Turn SteakhouseJohn Long6:00 PM 
May 16(Wed)Limoncello NorthMark Venneri6:00 PM 
May 16(Wed)Boot HillCRUSH9:00 PM 
May 16(Wed)Mai TaiChuck Morel9:30 PM 
May 17(Thu)Golden LionBarry O5:00 PM 
May 17(Thu)Daytona SeabreezeRobert Keele6:00 PM 
May 17(Thu)First Turn SteakhouseRattleshakes6:00 PM 
May 17(Thu)Grille At RiverviewMark Venneri6:00 PM 
May 17(Thu)Boot HillThree Link Society7:30 PM 
May 17(Thu)Mai TaiFrontman Live10:00 PM(Karaoke With Live Band)
May 18(Fri)First Turn SteakhousePenta Band6:00 PM 
May 18(Fri)Golden LionDakota6:00 PM 
May 18(Fri)Grille At RiverviewMark Venneri6:00 PM 
May 18(Fri)Athens TheatreTusk (Fleetwood Mac)7:30 PM 
May 18(Fri)Sanford Brewing CompanyShadow Cabinet8:30 PM 
May 18(Fri)Boot HillStone Grey9:00 PM 
May 18(Fri)Frank`s PlaceTailSpin9:00 PM 
May 18(Fri)Rockin RanchSpent Nickel Band9:30 PM 
May 18(Fri)Mai TaiMachine10:00 PM 
May 19(Sat)Golden LionDonny Rox1:00 PM 
May 19(Sat)Boot HillETC3:00 PM 
May 19(Sat)Lagerheads Bar & GrillRobert Keele5:00 PM 
May 19(Sat)First Turn SteakhouseBlack Sheep6:00 PM 
May 19(Sat)Golden LionJim Lamb6:00 PM 
May 19(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki BarMicalini6:00 PM(Fat City)
May 19(Sat)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki BarFat City6:00 PM 
May 19(Sat)Tiano`s ItalianMark Venneri6:00 PM 
May 19(Sat)Bank & BluesHayfire9:00 PM 
May 19(Sat)Boot HillFat Cactus9:00 PM 
May 19(Sat)Mai TaiClick10:00 PM 
May 20(Sun)Shores Resort & SpaRobert Keele11:00 AM 
May 20(Sun)Golden LionZebbhi Niyah Band1:00 PM(Reggae Sunday)
May 20(Sun)Boot HillDarren Acoustic3:00 PM 
May 20(Sun)DJ`s DeckRobert Keele4:00 PM 
May 20(Sun)First Turn SteakhouseMegan Stuart4:00 PM 
May 20(Sun)Old Man FranksHighway Starz5:00 PM 
May 20(Sun)Boot HillGun Shy7:30 PM 
May 20(Sun)Mai TaiClayton Sturgeon9:30 PM 

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