Oct 1(Sun)PeanutsMicalini7:00 PM(Nuthouse Jam )
Oct 1(Sun)Tavares Dog HouseAmerican Pride Band7:00 PM 
Oct 3(Tue)HiddenTreasure RoseBayMicalini5:00 PM(Open Mic )
Oct 4(Wed)Peanut & George`s Pub On MainMicalini6:00 PM(Mike At Large)
Oct 4(Wed)Main Street StationAmerican Pride Band7:00 PM 
Oct 4(Wed)Boot HillFat City8:00 PM 
Oct 6(Fri)Riverside Johnny`sFat City7:00 PM(Duo)
Oct 7(Sat)Kalua Beach BarFat City7:00 PM 
Oct 8(Sun)Private EventMicalini2:00 PM(Battle Island with Anita)
Oct 8(Sun)PeanutsMicalini7:00 PM(Nuthouse Jam )
Oct 10(Tue)HiddenTreasure RoseBayMicalini5:00 PM(Open Mic )
Oct 11(Wed)Peanut & George`s Pub On MainMicalini6:00 PM(Mike At Large)
Oct 12(Thu)Jerry`s Pizza Tiki BarMicalini5:00 PM(Open Mic )
Oct 13(Fri)Half Wall BreweryFat City6:00 PM(Duo)
Oct 14(Sat)Norwoods TreeHouseFat City6:00 PM(Duo)
Oct 15(Sun)PeanutsMicalini7:00 PM(Nuthouse Jam )
Oct 17(Tue)HiddenTreasure RoseBayMicalini5:00 PM(Open Mic )
Oct 18(Wed)Peanut & George`s Pub On MainMicalini6:00 PM(Mike At Large)
Oct 19(Thu)Hard Rock HotelFat City7:00 PM(Duo)
Oct 20(Fri)Down The HatchMicalini6:00 PM(Cyclones)
Oct 20(Fri)Johnny`s Other SideFat City7:30 PM 
Oct 21(Sat)JB`s Fish CampMicalini4:00 PM(Cyclones)
Oct 22(Sun)PeanutsMicalini7:00 PM(Nuthouse Jam )
Oct 24(Tue)HiddenTreasure RoseBayMicalini5:00 PM(Open Mic )
Oct 27(Fri)Rockin RanchFat City9:00 PM 
Oct 28(Sat)Caribbean JacksFat City5:00 PM 
Oct 29(Sun)Caribbean JacksFat City12:00 PM(Duo)
Oct 31(Tue)HiddenTreasure RoseBayMicalini5:00 PM(Open Mic )
Oct 31(Tue)Private EventMicalini6:00 PM(Cyclones)

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