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Happy Halloween
October 29th To November 4th

Oct 29(Mon)Golden LionCaptn Nick6:00 PM 
Oct 29(Mon)Ocean DeckMorning Buzz10:00 PM 
Oct 30(Tue)Earthquake MagoonsChris Hiatt Experience7:00 PM 
Oct 30(Tue)Franks Front RowNight Of The Living BassHeads9:00 PM($10)
Oct 30(Tue)Mai TaiBobby France Duo9:30 PM 
Oct 30(Tue)Ocean DeckOrange Avenue9:30 PM 
Oct 31(Wed)First Turn SteakhouseChris Hiatt Experience6:00 PM 
Oct 31(Wed)Eagles Of Port OrangeDonnie Bostic6:30 PM 
Oct 31(Wed)RoadSide TavernCrash Rocket8:00 PM(WHOG-O-WEEN)
Oct 31(Wed)TeakSteam8:00 PM 
Oct 31(Wed)Boot HillBlack Hawk Station9:00 PM(BikeNight - FrightNight)
Oct 31(Wed)Hi-TopsJezabel`s Tattoo9:00 PM(BarTab Costume Contest)
Oct 31(Wed)TradersStreet Talk9:00 PM 
Oct 31(Wed)Ocean DeckCaribbean Posse9:30 PM 
Oct 31(Wed)Mai TaiClick10:30 PM 
Nov 1(Thu)Dales AlesFugNutz & Friends8:00 PM(Open Jam)
Nov 1(Thu)TeakDonnie Bostic8:00 PM 
Nov 1(Thu)OmChris Hiatt Experience9:00 PM(Blue Thursday)
Nov 1(Thu)TradersStreet Talk9:00 PM 
Nov 1(Thu)Mai TaiRoctopus10:30 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)Boot HillChris Hiatt Experience3:00 PM(Solo)
Nov 2(Fri)RoadSide TavernSam Church4:00 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)Ocean DeckTom Redman5:00 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)Golden LionMax The Saxman Duo5:30 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)H2O Daytona Bar & GrillRattle Shake6:00 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)Hurricane Pattys FlaglerSwanky Mo`s Soul Band6:00 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)Pirana GrilleJames Crouch6:30 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)Pirana GrilleBuzzards6:30 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)Main Street StationOut Of The Blue8:30 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)Boot HillPsycho Magnets9:00 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)Franks Front RowHOR!ZON9:00 PM(Multi-Band )
Nov 2(Fri)Franks Front RowSunShine State9:00 PM(Multi-Band )
Nov 2(Fri)Franks Front RowOdyssea9:00 PM(Multi-Band )
Nov 2(Fri)Hi-TopsChris Hiatt Experience9:00 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)OmCook Trio9:00 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)RoadSide TavernJezabel`s Tattoo9:00 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)TradersMaxQ9:00 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)Ocean DeckCaribbean Posse9:30 PM 
Nov 2(Fri)Mai TaiEvanstar10:30 PM 
Nov 3(Sat)Boot HillChris Hiatt Experience3:00 PM(Solo)
Nov 3(Sat)RoadSide TavernRockin` Out Hunger3:00 PM(Multi-Band Benefit)
Nov 3(Sat)RoadSide TavernLillian Black3:00 PM(Multi-Band Benefit)
Nov 3(Sat)RoadSide TavernHalo Violation3:00 PM(Multi-Band Benefit)
Nov 3(Sat)RoadSide TavernJust Like Otis3:00 PM(Multi-Band Benefit)
Nov 3(Sat)White EagleDaytona Don4:00 PM 
Nov 3(Sat)Golden LionHigh Energy6:00 PM 
Nov 3(Sat)Hurricane Pattys FlaglerSwanky Mo`s Soul Band6:00 PM 
Nov 3(Sat)JT`s SeaFood ShackRattle Shake6:00 PM 
Nov 3(Sat)Lagerheads Bar & GrillHavana Brown6:00 PM 
Nov 3(Sat)Eagles The ShoresDonnie Bostic6:30 PM 
Nov 3(Sat)BFFARBent8:00 PM(Zombie Party)
Nov 3(Sat)Boot HillSouthbound9:00 PM 
Nov 3(Sat)Hi-TopsChris Hiatt Experience9:00 PM 
Nov 3(Sat)OmTommyMac Band9:00 PM 
Nov 3(Sat)RoadSide TavernJezabel`s Tattoo9:00 PM(Multi-Band Benefit)
Nov 3(Sat)TradersMaxQ9:00 PM 
Nov 3(Sat)Ocean DeckCaribbean Posse9:30 PM 
Nov 3(Sat)Mai TaiSpandex SuperHeroes10:30 PM 
Nov 4(Sun)RoadSide TavernFAM Band2:00 PM(Radio Red Neck Games)
Nov 4(Sun)Caribbean JacksRattle Shake4:00 PM 
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